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Dec 31, 2012 9:00am EST
up last nnght's big in aaainst - pheir rivalssthe cowboyssffnal score: 28818 washington reeskin. redskinssthe ast time the skins won theirrdivision was back in 1999... aad this winn puts thee into the playoffs for the first time sinne 2006. coming up... this."if you haven't facebook page... and let us knno what you thinn this photo should be captioned.we'll read some of your hiliarious responses... next.'re watching fox 44 good day it's time to aption this! this!today oo our facebook one man... n a difficult's hat some of yyu captioned it. it. "he shouud've gone to jared." &pjared.""karma." noo."here's some of your other captions...((áááad libááá))if us oo our ffcebooo page at facebook dot com slash fox baltimore. ((ttss to weaaher)) 3 ((ad lib meteorologistt) coming up... up...alteenate uses... for it ccn help itth ámake-upá... and oral hygiene. hygiene. you're watching fox 45 good day balttmore. 3((break 6)) p3if you have anyyvvdka left &pover ttnight... we have some great ways you can put it to use... in he morning. atasha fortune fro
Dec 6, 2012 9:00am EST
can now also get married in the state oo washington. washingtoo'ssgovvrnor signed phe law wednesday afternoon ... maaing ashington state the ninth state to allow same sex marriage, in addition to the district offcolumbia. mann ame sex couples immediately linnd up outside a seattle adminissration bbiiding shortly after the law was signed. couples can pegin pickkng up their wedding certificates and licenses starting this morning. recreational marijuana use s now legal innwwshington state. starting today... residentt 21 and ovvr can possess up to an ounce of pot without faciig state penalties.voters assed growing and selling the drug is still a crime... and possession is still a feeeral crimeeas well.colorado also leealized thh recreational use of marijjann last month... but that amendment won't take effecttuntil colorado's goveenor siggs off on it. some maryland leaders ae speaking out agaanst the federal governmmnt's decision to deny aid to hhrricann sandy victims in ur ssate.according to theefederal emergency management agency... the damage just wasn't enough to fema director craig
Dec 28, 2012 9:00am EST
meeting wwll be held in washington today.... between preeident obama and top congressional leaders. leaders.they've got just 4 days left to reach an eeonomy goes overrthe e u-- so-called "fiscal cliff." that's when automatic tax increases aad spending cuts would taae effect. democrats want tooextend the bush-era tax cuts to everyyne except those americans makinn 250- thousand dollars or more &pyear. but many rrpubllccns remain against any tax increases. if lawmakers don't reach a deal by january 1stt... many econnoists are concernedd it could eventually ead too another recession. with all eyes on the fiscal cliff... there'ss anotter deadline quickly approaching that miggt haae consumers concerned... the "milk cliff." it's part of a stalled farmmbill... that includes nearly 35-billionn dollars in cuts. if the bill oesnnt make t througg congrees before the end o the year... he government ill be &pforceddto buy vast quantities consumer milk prices as high w.- as 6 to 8 dollars a gallonn.. because the governmenn would the wholesaae rate... under the 1949 rules. the first ovvrnight gamb
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3